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heartbreak poems

Inspirational poetry about broken hearts, broken dreams, lost love, past relationships, wounded hearts, heartache, the pain of rejection, broken lovers. A collection of the best romantic love poems, short love poems, heartbreak love poetry, “I miss you” love poems, sad love poems, and dark love poetry. Get access to all Heart breaking poems make you cry, Poems about heartbreak and moving on, famous poems about heartbreak, poems about heartbreak and betrayal.

Poems    Heartbreak poems

I stand by the mirror to look inside
puzzled seems the scene
painted within the mirror
as if I've lived my entire life
falling into your world of lies
shattered seems the mirror
standing before my eyes
anyway mirrors never lie
face up the truth try not to hide
It wouldn't matter if you crawl back to sanity
It wouldn't matter if you'll righteously behave
Winds had already blew off your dusty reality
What we had is dead already resting in a grave
For years you've been seizing the best of me
Now it's time to uncuff my heart and set it free
I remember when we swore we had it all
a vow I thought would never ever fall
you were for me the one and only
never the one to make me so empty
I remember when we went to neverland
a path of stars we walked hand in hand
you were for me the best companion
never the one to leave alone in the canyon
I remember now when you got my heart stolen
and will always remember how you got it broken
you were for me the one to belong
but now the one who made me wrong
I don't want to feel anything beyond today
pack up all of your memories and walk away
would you stop acting all innocent
stop asking what you've done
by the sun of tomorrow's dawn
you shall be already too far gone
hurry up don't waste your tears
telling me that into your deep
you're sorry can't fall asleep
start taking your anti-depressant
it's time to face a cruel world of fears
I know it's not that too easy to erase
what you and I shared back in the days
but you've got to walk in the boots of misery
we had what we had and now it's called history
I'll take a look at the mirror as you leave
I bet you it would no longer feel the grieve
the mirror knew what your plans were up to
far too early than I could ever do
leave and enjoy life with your bittersweet lies
spit them out like the rain falling from skies
stand for the world without me
since with your lies I can't be
try to enjoy life with your tearful eyes
trap them inside cause no one can see
the truth when it's covered with lies
I've turned off the last standing candle
there's nothing left in here but darkness
nothing at all not even your ominous shadow
the scene gets charming without any shallow!

Love, I would have given you my all.
I loved you,
and you loved me.
You were the girl of my dreams!
And the better part of me.
I loved how we were.
It was like a blur.
Me and you,
you and I.
It was like nothing could ever hurt me.
I wish you would see.
I found strength in you,
I wish you did too.
Knowing it would be alright.
Knowing that every night.
Knowing that you loved me too
Or did you
Part of me is gone.
It has moved on.
The part of me for love,
the part of me that loved,
the part of me that cared for you.
The part of me that missed you too.
Everything about you.
They way we talked up into the night.
The way I hold you in my arms so tight.
I miss the kisses and hugs.
It was my drug!
My heart is broken.
It goes unspoken.
My heart will not mend.
You will never loved me again.
To you I say,
I hope you have a good day.
I hope your life is just fine.
Even if your not mine.
Cause for all the hate,
And all the weight.
All the hurt,
as I'm kicked to the dirt.
I still love you.
And I want the best for you.
I hope you find that perfect guy.
The one with the best eyes.
The guy of your dreams.
To mend all your seams.
The guy that makes you feel good.
The one I know would.
Someone who makes you feel love.
Someone who is your turtledove.
A guy better than me.
For I don't have the key.
The key to your heart.
I'm not that smart.
Goodbye my love.
There's so much to think of.
Goodbye my life.
Which feels like a knife.
Goodbye to the talks,
and goodbye to the thoughts.
I'll be here,
If you ever reappear.
Missing you,
crying too.
Goodbye my love


Things with no colors
come with no flavors
ruthless people today
are yesterday's favors
inherit what you shall give
so to be a worthy savior

Sleep on the side of your unspoken lie
protect it from exposure with a wide open eye
when mercy is found not in your heart
bother not seeking it in heavens above the sky
Time passes quickly though slowly day by day
make your call black or white there's no grey
when hearts are the stake this is no longer a game
behold of failure 'cause only cowards live in shame
Loneliness is hollow as the emptiness of silence
companionship comes loud like the sound of sirens
trying is not enough when you keep on failing
loving you seems tough when you keep on fading
Falling in every crack of every broken heart
looking for the core of their ongoing misery
trying desperately to separate it apart
accepting their accusations for the conspiracy
when the light comes up all the effort would be gone
like stars shining all night they'll go by the dawn
let the world screw itself for a moment without us
Promises of everlasting happiness
make my eyes sweat compassion
dreaming about a pleasing future
color up the things with your flavor
favor tomorrow's over yesterday's
a deep thought will show its sense
wash away the worst of love by passion
triumph over pain you're your own savior
I have not been writing words rather than care
for the person imprisoned me the moment we stared
an epidemic of feelings is invading my senses
making me stronger but mostly setting me senseless
the magic moment of your presence gets me paralyzed
with the spell of your voice getting me hypnotized
My words collide not to make up a song
but to be delivered by pleasing tongue

I'm being burned under your sun
praying for a cloud to rain over me
all I can feel now is the heat
hitting straight on my forehead
crawling right down to my feet
Never felt such a need for resurrection
as fatigue is terminating my physicals
as emotions are consuming my core soul
screaming out loudly my final vocals
seeking out widely what you once stole
I'm getting lost in a tiny intersection
between what sounds perfect and ideal
confusing what seems fake and real
Doors wide open ahead of me but still
I can't find a way leading me to you
I frequently ask myself again and again
am I running back to or back from you
precious more than winter and its rain
hurtful by creating gaps you can't fill
Every day that I try to escape and hide
I race destiny I try to leave it behind
every night when I try to close my eyes
I see your shadows out of nowhere rise
haunt me no more I can't take this war
come with peace so I can love you more
Come with me into my garden of fears
welcome yourself into my land of vain
where my worst nightmare shed its tears
long-lost love and what about to regain
Once your heart was on a sudden stolen
I tried ever since to mend the broken
what went wrong caused us to drift so far
from the one thing we could joyfully have
for years I have walked guided by my hope
though it was thin I never cut that rope
Chained to the spell you once got me under
burned by your sun striking me like thunder
surrounded by likers who mostly turn to haters
jealous by the sound of my voice calling your name
what I feel about you and them can never be the same
I'm lost between the come and go you left me in
I'm trapped by the feelings burning me within
Rain over the sun burning within me
I can no more take the heat honestly.


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